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In our quest to resource our churches to the best of our ability, we often come across great ideas or items that we feel would benefit the churches, but that are not matters of policy or procedure. If you have ideas about great resources that you do not see on this list, please feel free to email our Resource Ministries or Communications with your suggestions.

Please note: BCMB does not endorse any of the companies or organizations listed here, nor do we make any guarantees about their services. If you would like to know about our experiences with any of these suggestions, please call or email and we would be happy to share with you.

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As technology moves forward, and more and more people are communicating through increasingly varying methods, it is becoming important for churches to designate one, or a select few, gatekeeper(s) for the information, images, videos, and content that are publicly accessible and representative of said church. This is more apparent in larger churches, where each ministry has a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account, where there are social media pages, websites, newsletters, and print media which need to appear consistent and cohesive. Getting a handle on your church communication needs earlier will save much confusion and headache later and will allow your church to be purposeful about the message it is communicating to the world.


Collaborate with Smartsheet. There are many tools on the market that can help you work more efficiently as a team, and Smartsheet is just one of them. This resource works in a similar fashion to the Google apps, with shareable Sheets and Forms, but takes things a step further with notifications, reports, attachments, email integration, and customizable work spaces. Contact us to hear about our experience with this resource.

Learn more about Smartsheet

Sonix ai

This service is a very cost-effective option for transcribing audio for things like podcasts and video. We like using because of ease of use, speed of service, cost, and multiple end products available with even the Standard plan. You can see examples of some of its capabilities by looking at our podcasts (starting with Episode 9) where we have embedded the transcript player.

Learn more about Sonix


BCMB has a tagboard account. This board searches various social media outlets for our chosen tag #BCMBfamily, and aggregates them onto one board. For more information on how Tagboard might help your church, please visit their website. We have noticed that Facebook posts are very limited in terms of what gets pulled on to the board (individual privacy settings interfere, as well as forwarding or editing a post), though other media (such as Twitter and Instagram) are generally quick to post. The free accounts are good, but paid accounts allow more control and capability (such as embedding into a website). With enough combined interest, the cost for paid accounts can be significantly reduced as a group.

Learn More About Tagboard
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