Associate Pastor of Youth and Young Adults


Associate Pastor of Youth and Young Adults


The Associate Pastor of Youth and Young Adults is accountable to God and the congregation through the Council of Elders. He will report directly to the Lead Pastor.


We are looking for an Associate Pastor who can oversee and provide direction and leadership to the youth and young adults of North Peace MB Church. We are looking for someone who can equip people for the work of youth ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12). This would include equipping teens for ministry within the church and their world and equipping people with a passion for youth ministry to lead different discipling programs (Junior Youth, Senior Youth, and Young Adults ministry).

Personal Attributes

  • Have a vibrant, passionate, growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Feel the call of God to full time ministry
  • Be a man of the Word (passionate about the Bible)
  • Be a man of prayer
  • Lead his family well (if applicable) Adequate time spent with them, good balance of work and ministry life
  • Familiar with and agree to the Mennonite Brethren Statement of Faith

Regular Responsibilities

  • Provide vision and direction for the youth and young adult ministry at North Peace MB Church
  • Recruit, equip and train leaders to do youth ministry (in conjunction with discernment team)
  • Resource junior youth, senior youth, and young adult leaders with what they need to successfully run the programs
  • Be involved with the mentoring and discipling of teens (this can be through programs at the church, be involved in the high school, or one-on-one relationships)
  • Provide leadership and direction for youth retreats, youth missions trip, city-wide youth events, and other youth related activities
  • Regular involvement with the Senior Youth program (preparing and leading Bible studies)
  • Be involved in meeting with other youth pastors in town

* It is important to note that we are not looking for a pastor to simply run the junior youth, senior youth, and young adult programs. The role of the pastor according to Scripture is to equip God’s people for ministry. We would not expect the Associate Pastor to have to be at all of the Junior Youth and Young Adult programs. We are more interested in someone who can train and equip God’s people for youth ministry. *

Related Responsibilities

In addition to the Associate Pastor giving leadership and direction to the youth and young adults ministries, we are looking for someone who can provide assistance in general pastoral duties.

  • Preaching occasionally on Sunday mornings
  • Helping perform weddings and funerals if needed
  • Helping with pastoral care of the congregation (could include visitation, hospital visits, pre-marital counselling, etc.)
  • Participate in elder’s meetings.


Job Summary

Job type


7 months


Apr 28, 2020