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Richmond Chinese MB Church was founded in 1990 by Rev. Stephen Chan (陳終道牧師) who was known and respected for his unwavering commitment to preach and teach nothing but the biblical truth, hence the Chinese name given to our church, the Church of Truth (真理堂).

We are seeking for a permanent Cantonese Ministry Pastor who will lead the Cantonese Ministry and who will also work closely with other ministries into the realization of our visions in the fulfillment of the Mission Statement of the church.

Current Profile of our Church:

– Sharing the facilities with Church On Five, an English speaking only congregation and the Middle School Campus of Richmond Christian School, and
– Made up of three congregations of her own, CM (Cantonese Ministry with about 100 on Sunday), EM (English Ministry with about 40 on Sunday) and MM (Mandarin Ministry with about 30 on Sunday), plus
– A vibrant children ministry (with 50 children in Awana and 30 children on Sunday)

Spiritual Profile of Cantonese Ministry Pastor:

A Shepherd
Who loves His flock
(John 10)

A Spiritual Person
Who seeks to remain in Christ, His love and His Word
(John 15)

A Servant Leader
Whose humility is evident to all
(Numbers 12:30)

An Evangelist
Whose passion is to share the gospel
(2 Cor. 9:22-23)

In particular: he/she is to be

always speaking the truth in love and walking his/her talk

being compassionate, approachable and setting an example of caring for the total person

Committed to Biblical Truth:
upholding the Bible is the Word of God and the absolute authority to all aspects of life, personally, corporately and in the world without compromise.

Deeply in love with Christ:
making his/her time alone with Christ the top priority while leading the church in the same pursuit

Deeply in love with his/her family:
being a husband of one wife and managing his household according to the Word of God (I Timothy 3)

An example of Humility:
being able to listen, a peace-maker and a person not given to temper

An example of Purity:
being disciplined in the avoidance of any perception of vice including in speech, in sight and in relationship, and has a clear sense of calling from the Lord into full-time gospel ministry.

Profile of Experience and Training:

Academic Training:
preferably having successfully completed a M. Div. Program of an Evangelical seminary and be familiar with or willing to learn the Mennonite Brethren doctrine/discipline

Pastoral Experience:
preferably having pastored an Evangelical congregation

Must be fluent in Cantonese, with a decent command of English. Fluency in Mandarin is not a must, but definitely an asset.

Must have resided and/or studied in a western cultural setting, preferably in North America and understand both the culture of first generation Chinese immigrants and that of CBC (Canadian born Chinese).

Particular skills:
ability to serve with a team of pastors, preaching and teaching with clarity and conviction, and a good motivator and delegator of responsibilities.

(Note: we encourage any applicants to read our Mission and Vision Statements under the appropriate headings on our web-site, and send their applications or inquiries to Ringo Cheng:


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    Sep 15, 2021