Human Resources Director


The Human Resources (HR) Director provides leadership and support to all aspects of the Human Resources functions to help ensure that MCC BC has qualified staff and a healthy work environment, including compliance with legal requirements and MCC values and policies. Currently MCC BC has approximately 110 employees and 3000 volunteers distributed between Thrift, Ten Thousand Villages, Material Resources, Programs and Support Services. This position also participates in recruiting personnel for MCC international work in approximately 50 countries in the areas of relief, development and peace.

MCC a Christian faith-based agency that partners with churches and community organizations worldwide to help meet the basic humans needs of vulnerable and uprooted people, and to work for peace and justice. MCC supports activities that provide emergency relief, sustainable livelihoods, health care, education and peacebuilding world-wide as well as local programs that address domestic violence, homelessness, refugee resettlement, child poverty, employment development and indigenous relations.

This position reports to the Executive Director and supervises 2 staff.

Only those candidates who are legally eligible to work in Canada should apply.

Position will remain open until a suitable candidate is identified.  The first round of shortlisting of candidate pool will begin at the end of August ’21.  Start date is somewhat flexible and can be amended based on mutual agreement.



 All MCC workers are expected to exhibit a commitment to:

a personal Christian faith and discipleship; active church membership; and biblical nonviolent peacemaking.

  •  Bachelor’s Degree with a focus on management issues, human services or a related field, or the equivalent in work experience and training.
  • 5 years of experience in Human Resource Management in a Christian non-profit sector is strongly preferred, with exposure to policy development, hiring processes, evaluations, salary classification, conflict resolution, regulatory issues, risk management and HR best practices.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills in a collaborative and diverse team environment where leadership is most effective through collegial influence rather than formal authority
  • Ability to appreciate and work effectively in the MCC corporate culture.
  • Strong commitment to MCC’s mission, vision, values, beliefs and philosophy of service is essential
  • Flexibility and resourcefulness to changing priorities, ability to respond to needs that may arise
  • Respect for and maintenance of confidentiality and privacy required
  • Awareness and appreciation for the dynamics of equity issues (diversity and inclusion) especially as it relates to gender, ethnicity, race and economic status.
  • Good understanding and connection to the MCC church constituency is preferred, ability to understand, appreciate and connect to the MCC constituency is essential.
  • Strong strategic and operational planning and organizational skills required
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Proficient using a variety of standard software programs including Microsoft office and HRIS systems
  • Police check will be required once hired
  • Previous MCC international or local service experience is an asset


Responsibilities and Duties:

General Leadership:

  • Participate as a member of the leadership team in the development of overarching policies and priorities that are consistent with mission, beliefs and values of
  • Collaborate with the Executive Director and leadership team in strategic planning, risk management and annual planning in ways that reflect MCC values and beliefs.
  • Attend board meetings as a resource to the Executive Director and prepare reports and recommendations on issues related to areas of
  • Represent MCC’s beliefs and values to donors, constituents, churches, thrift shop staff, volunteers in daily interaction
  • Speaking at MCC events and church meetings and responding to inquiries about MCC mission, beliefs, values, polices and operations.
  • Model nonviolent peacemaking through respectful daily interactions with staff, volunteers, the constituency and the general public.
  • Contribute to the shaping of a positive workplace culture based on Christian beliefs and values.
  • Participate in staff meetings and, on occasion, take the lead for spiritual reflection for the ongoing cultivation of the organizational culture based on MCC mission, beliefs and values.
  • Carry out additional duties as assigned by the Executive

Departmental Development and Leadership   

  • Lead the Human Resources & Volunteer Development planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting (PMER) process including the development of special project plans and annual plans
    • Develop and administer programs, procedures, and guidelines to help align the workforce with the strategic goals of the organization
    • Develop appropriate budgets within MCC BC budgeting system and cycle
    • Monitor best practices and organizational needs related to Human Resources & Volunteer Development; facilitating appropriate departmental development
    • Monitor and evaluate success over time according to indicators identified. Develop reports that not only track indicators but also include analysis and projections
    • Represent MCC BC in MCC Human Resources network. Participate in collaborative efforts with the broader HR network.
    • Provide leadership and support to Human Resources & Volunteer Development staff. Conduct regular staff check-ins and annual performance appraisal process including development of work plans connected to strategic and project plans


  • In collaboration with MCC HR Network develop and implement a system-wide recruitment strategy for salaried and international service workers.
  • Provide leadership and supervision for MCC BC’s recruitment strategy for local volunteers.
  • Establish and lead the standard recruiting and hiring practices and procedures necessary to recruit and hire a superior workforce; including making a recommendation on candidates eligibility on MCC faith related screens.
  • Interview management and executive-level candidates; serve as interviewer for most other positions.
  • Coordinate HR eligibility interview process for BCers considered for MCC international service.
  • Coordinate MCC’s presence at recruiting events, ensuring that MCC’s mission, beliefs and values are conveyed to constituents, potential employees, service workers, volunteers, and the general public.
    • Be available to speak and present at churches or colleges on MCC’s beliefs, values, mission and principles of service; articulating the importance of the code of conduct for MCC personnel who are representatives of MCC and our church constituency.
  • Mentor MCC alumni to be recruitment ambassadors within their communities.

Training and Development

  • Provide training, advice and support to supervisors in relation to conducting hiring interviews, worker evaluations, progressive discipline and terminations; facilitate problem solving and grievance resolution on personnel issues as needed; keeping the Executive Director informed.
  • Provide necessary education and materials to managers and employees on navigating the HR Information System, performance evaluation procedures, grievance resolution, progressive discipline, hiring interview best practices.
  • Lead the implementation of the performance management system that includes performance improvement plans (PIPs) and employee development programs.
  • Establish an in-house employee training system that addresses MCC BC training needs including training needs assessment, legislative requirements, new employee orientation or onboarding and management development, equity, and sexual exploitation and abuse prevention training

Employee Relations

  • In consultation with the Executive Director and based on MCC HR policies and practices, recommend revisions and implement revisions as need to MCC personnel policies, procedures and tools along with the MCC BC Handbook
  • Collaborate with the Leadership Team to communicate Human Resources policies, procedures, programs and laws.
  • Determine and recommend employee relations practices necessary to establish a positive employer-employee relationship and promote a high level of employee engagement.
  • Act as contact person and facilitate the MCC response to racial, sexual harassment and abuse complaints and other types of complaints, keeping the Executive Director informed.
  • Handle all requests for EAP confidentially as required, and in cases where the employee is not concerned about confidentiality limit the disclosure to immediate finance staff.
  • Conduct investigations when employee complaints or concerns are brought forth and ensure that a register of all complaints, including sexual exploitation and abuse, is adequately maintained.
  • Monitor and advise managers and supervisors in the progressive discipline policy of MCC BC. Monitor the implementation of a performance improvement process with non-performing employees.
  • Review, guide, and approve management recommendations for employment terminations.
  • Ensure the implementation of MCC BC safety programs. Monitor the tracking of Health and Safety data.
  • Represent MCC BC on Dismantling Oppression Network, and lead provincial diversity efforts
  • Support management by providing human resources advice, counsel, and decisions; analyzing information and applications
  • As requested, provide advice and support to MCC BC subsidiary for profit enterprises on issues related to human resource management on a fee for service basis.
  • Act as a confidential advisor/sounding board for both employees and management, developing respectful and trusting relationships.
  • Convene and chair the Staff Social Committee fostering staff fellowship and planning of annual Staff Retreat.
  • Be a representative on the WorkSafe Team and supervise annual MCC Worksafe claim history, providing recommendations to the Leadership Team or line managers for further safety training of employees, as required.

Organization Development

  • Design, direct and manage a MCC BC-wide process of organization development that addresses issues such as succession planning, superior workforce development, key employee retention, etc.
  • Direct a process of organizational planning that evaluates MCC BC structure, job design, and personnel forecasting throughout the organization. Makes recommendations to executive management.
  • Identify and monitor the organization’s culture so that it supports the attainment of the MCC BC’s goals
  • Keep the Executive Director informed of significant problems that jeopardize the achievement of MCC BC’s goals, and those that are not being addressed adequately at the line management level.

Legal & Regulatory

  • Lead MCC BC compliance with labor related legal and government reporting requirements including any related to the Human Rights Code, Child Protection Policy, Privacy, etc. Maintain minimal organizational exposure to lawsuits by studying existing and new legislation; anticipating legislation; enforcing adherence to requirements; advising management on needed actions.
  • Direct the preparation of information requested or required for compliance with laws. Approve all information submitted. Serve as the primary contact with related outside government agencies.
  • Ensure department handles personnel information appropriately and confidentially.
  • Keep the Executive Director informed of workplace safety compliance through quarterly safety compliance reports from the Safety Committee Chair and review with Executive Director in areas where there is non-compliance.

Privacy Officer Role:

  • Ensure the organization is in compliance regarding privacy laws. Provide guidance to department heads on appropriate interpretation and application of MCC’s privacy policies, as well as ensuring that the collection, use and storage of information within all departments of MCC is in compliance with MCC privacy policy. Provide an annual report on levels of compliance and issues of concerns identified in order to improve compliance and inform immediately of any non-compliance or privacy breaches that have occurred in the organization.


  • Represent MCC BC on MCCC Uniform Salary Committee
  • Supervise payroll updates related to new hires and any changes related to employment terms and/or benefits.
  • Lead the MCC BC Salary Committee and classify all MCC BC positions, including Thrift and determine salary and benefits adjustments as approved annually or periodically as needed. Maintain the salary compensation master sheet.

Service Workers/Alumni/Volunteers

  • Provide internationally placed service workers from BC with appropriate attention and care through application process, check-in while on assignment and through a welcome back debrief interview.
  • Support MCC Network on Re-entry related matters.
  • Collaborate with MCC Leadership and Volunteer Coordinator on HR related aspects of volunteer recruitment, screening and bonafide organizational requirements around our faith requirements.


  • Participate in a local faith community, being willing to use his/her personal gifts within this community and model nonviolent peacemaking through respectful interaction with others
  • Maintain a high level of integrity, reflecting Christian respect and Christ’s unconditional love to those with whom you work, including colleagues, partner agencies, volunteers, and program participants

 Work Context and Challenges:

This position is located in a comfortable indoor office environment, with exposure to some ranges in temperature from warm/hot to cool/cold. Concentration is required, but with adequate opportunity for breaks. Moderate mental stress may be experienced with regard to deadlines, and handling delicate and sometimes difficult, sensitive and/or unpleasant situations and phone calls. Position includes some long days and overnights including for participation in the MCC BC Annual Meeting, recruitment events, BC program visits, as well as travel to 1-2 meetings per year outside BC.


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    3 months


    Sep 17, 2021