Lead Pastor


POSITION TITLE: Lead Pastor (FT/PT to be determined[1])

REPORTS TO: Church Elders


The Lead Pastor’s Spirit-led role is to provide visionary, strategic and collaborative leadership to Pemberton Community Church (PCC). The Lead Pastor works with the Eldership Team (ET) as they prayerfully discern the vision and strategic objectives aligned to Christ’s mission for PCC. The Lead Pastor brings leadership to the ET as together they fulfill the church’s role in the community. This is a collaborative leadership model rather than a directive leadership style. After a long and thorough consideration of BCMB guidelines, PCC has adopted an egalitarian working policy within its leadership structure.


  1. Oversees the preaching/teaching ministry.
  2. Communicates effectively with the congregation, the ET and Ministry Leaders to foster a strong sense of common Christian purpose.
  3. Provides leadership, guidance and resources, working with the congregation to fulfill the church’s vision and mission.
  4. Passionately communicates the Gospel through preaching, visitation and an active life within the community (community engagement is a high priority in our rural setting).
  5. Provides services to the congregation, and community e.g. marriages, funerals, as required.


  • Spiritual Vitality:
    • Demonstrates a dynamic and reproducible walk with God; has experience and understanding of spiritual gifts.
  • Organizational Skills:
    • Ability to equip others – encouraging others with delegated responsibility and authority.
    • Ability to coach; creating relational health, collaboration and appropriate results.
  • Communication Skills:
    • Ability to express ideas and convey meaning in an understandable and effective manner that inspires and motivates people towards an active living faith in Jesus.
    • Ability to equip others through faithful preaching and teaching of God’s Word.
  • Strategic Leadership Skills:
    • Ability to understand the dynamics of ministry within a semi-rural setting and plan a path to further the Kingdom of God within that demographic.
    • Ability to establish a church that is built on trust.
  • Pastoral Leadership Skill:
    • Possessing a pastoral heart, demonstrating deep care for people.
    • A heart for, and an understanding of the needs of young families and millennials.


  1. Lives life out of a commitment to knowing, loving and following Jesus.
  2. Lives a spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally healthy life.
  3. Has a consistent devotional life of prayer, Bible study and meditation on God’s Word.
  4. Has a deep love for people and a passion for reaching the lost for Christ.
  5. Is dedicated to family, exhibiting wisdom in balancing family and ministry.
  6. Demonstrates a clear understanding of God’s call for pastoral ministry.


Masters/Bachelors degree is preferred[2] in theological/Biblical study. However, life experience is highly valued by the ET. (Opportunities for ongoing education are encouraged and can be discussed)


Preferred[3] minimum 5 years in church ministry in a leadership role and 3 years in a lead pastor role.


  • Understands, respects, and supports the mission of PCC and its role in the community.
  • Is in agreement with the Mennonite Brethren Confession of Faith.
  • Has an ability to work within the denominational structure of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches (CCMBC) and is willing to fulfill the steps to become credentialed by the CCMBC if that is viewed as necessary.


For more information, Church and community profiles, visit www.pembertonchurch.com



[1] Depending on the needs and experience of the candidate, and growing congregation
[2] Preferred is a guideline, which is open for discussion with individual candidates.
[3] As above



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Sep 30, 2019