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A Pastoral Profile

Bakerview Church is looking for a person marked by a deep and authentic spirituality, integrity of character and proven leadership competence. We recognize that by virtue of human limitations no candidate will fully exhibit all of the desired traits. Nonetheless, many of the following attributes will be considered essential.

A In personal life

1 Characterized by godliness

* experiences a vibrant relationship with the triune God and cultivates the practice of spiritual disciplines in the pursuit of personal guidance and biblical insight

* motivated by a commitment to their call rather than by personal ambition or a need to prove their worth

* recognizes the need for constant spiritual renewal and sensitivity to God’s leading

2 Characterized by a balanced and healthy life style

* has a positive self-image, meaning that they are comfortable with who they are

* aware of their own strengths and limitations and thus able to set realistic goals and personal boundaries

* a self-starter who is unafraid to take initiative, yet who can accept setbacks without feeling demoralized

* if married, enjoys their spouse’s full support, having come to a clear understanding of their respective roles in church involvement

* if blessed with children, they model a wholesome family life in the use of time and discipline

* has friendships, interests and hobbies outside of work

B In theological conviction and ecclesial affiliation

* committed to an evangelical Anabaptist perspective and the theological convictions embodied in the Mennonite Brethren Confession of Faith

* already credentialed or pursuing credentialing with the Mennonite Brethren Conference or willing to pursue such credentialing

C In leadership

* shares the particular mission and vision statement of Bakerview Church, including its commitment to a multiple service format

* leads and works well with others in communicating and implementing the church’s goals for mission and vision

* engages in life-related biblical preaching and teaching, being able to communicate in a manner that is both winsome and easily comprehensible

* cultivates positive relationships with ministry colleagues and support staff

* willing and able to delegate tasks to ministry colleagues, staff and volunteers, being sensitive to the distinction between leading and micro-managing

* values and respects church governance structures

* believes in God’s resources for the church to undertake and successfully implement new initiatives

* leads by personal example, being willing to share even their own struggles

D In pastoral care

* marked by a deep love for people and their spiritual well being, both for those inside and outside the church

* comfortable in relating to the elderly as well as to people with physical handicaps

* passionate about nurturing an emerging group of younger believers in life skills and the work of the ministry

E In outreach

* committed to the proclamation of the gospel in the new cultural and often post-Christian context in which we find ourselves

* has a genuine interest in community concerns, especially the social needs of the “Clearbrook Corridor” around the church and is therefore open to partnering with other churches and agencies in helping to address those needs

* embraces the church’s commitment to supporting people engaged in mission both local and distant

Bakerview Church
January 18, 2018


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Mar 15, 2018