Pastor of Worship and Youth Ministries


Position:                   Pastor of Worship and Youth Ministries

Classification:             Full-time (40 hours per week)

Date                               August 1, 2020


We are looking for an associate pastor who loves Jesus and will oversee Youth and Worship ministries. We are looking for someone who has a heart for discipling youth, equipping youth leaders, and involving youth and other generations as we worship in community.

Ideally, we are seeking to fill a full-time position but would also be willing to discuss a half time position for each of worship and youth. This position will be report to the Lead Pastor.

The Pastor of Worship and Youth Ministries will work with and mentor ministry leaders, interns and key volunteers in the area of worship and youth ministry.

We are a mature church of approximately 250 people. We are part of the Conference of BC Mennonite Brethren Churches, adhering to their Confession of Faith and maintaining strong Anabaptist values. We value community life and engagement with our local and global communities. At our core we have a strong commitment to community, egalitarianism, lay leadership, and seeing our world transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ.


  1. With input from the Lead Pastor and staff, this position will provide leadership to the worship and youth ministries of the church. Be available for one-on-one relationships with worship leaders as well as youth in our church and community.
  2. Organize and lead both the Worship and Youth Ministry teams through regular meetings and implementing an effective system for open communication and feedback. Lead weekly review of previous services and plan future services.
  3. Recruit, lead and support the worship ministry team to:
  • Develop and implement a strategy to oversee the congregation’s thoughtful, creative, and multigenerational involvement in services.
  • Work with the Worship Ministry Team to select and schedule worship leaders, worship teams, readers, etc.
  • Oversee the repertoire of songs at Sardis Community Church; introducing and integrating new music while incorporating the best of the old.
  • Plan special services with the Lead Pastor, with input and logistical support staff (i.e., Christmas Eve, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter, etc.)
  1. Recruit, train, mentor and provide leadership to youth and worship ministry leaders, interns, musicians and volunteers.
  2. With input from the Lead Pastor and key stakeholders, create a long-term strategy that accounts for the inherent challenges of establishing a vision for the youth ministry and identifies effective ways to account for growth and change.
  3. Help plan, develop and implement all aspects of a balanced youth ministry in the areas of group building, worship, discipleship, missions, and outreach.
  4. Build an ethos of intentional and on-going discipleship among youth and their parental figures and create opportunities at every stage not only to encourage participation but also leadership (service) in the ministry (e.g. Missions Trips).
  5. Communicate the overall vision for the worship and youth ministries to the congregation.
  6. Attend appropriate church meetings (AGM, Congregational Meetings, etc.) and set and administer an annual budget for the worship and youth ministries.
  7. Ensure that youth are offered consistent and quality biblical teaching.
  8. Lead Sunday morning worship on a regular rotation (at least two times per month).
  9. Work alongside sound and media volunteers to encourage and assist them in their task.
  10. Remain accountable to the Lead Pastor and the Leadership Team, and adhere to the MB Confession of Faith and the Sardis Community Church Constitution.



  1. Proficiency in music and worship leading.
  2. Love and passion for walking alongside young people.
  3. Education and/or experience relating to worship leading.
  4. Ability to plan, organize, and administer in a volunteer context.
  5. Ability to motivate, mentor, and equip worship team volunteers as well as youth mentors.
  6. Ability to work collaboratively with pastoral staff, volunteers, and other church ministries.
  7. Desire to relate to the people of SCC and to participate in the church’s community life.
  8. Strong relational skills.
  9. Good personal character, evidenced in trustworthiness, wisdom, compassion, generosity, humility, and a heart for people.


Job Summary

Job type


5 months


Jul 31, 2020