Worship Arts Pastor


The ideal candidate will:
○ Have a clear testimony of faith in Christ Jesus marked by an intentional journey with Him shaped by personal and communal spiritual disciplines such as reading Scripture, prayer, worship, confession, fellowship, etc.
○ Be a creative and passionate leader who desires to see others encounter Jesus in every area of their lives. They will have a firm grasp of how discipleship takes place in the context of the gathered worship of God’s people.
○ Have demonstrated the necessary communication, team-building, and administrative skills to thrive in a team environment made up of other pastoral staff, administrative staff, leadership council, band members, and congregants.
○ Have musical skill and the ability to lead a band vocally and/or with an instrument.
○ Have theological training, and an understanding of the theology of worship and how that theology affects practice.
○ Understand and be in agreement with Fraserview’s Anabaptist theological heritage.

Duties and Responsibilities
● Plan and lead biblically and theologically informed gathered worship services that engage the congregation through Scripture, music, and prayer in coordination with the Lead Pastor.
● Source and/or write and deliver appropriate prayers, calls to worship, and sendings that engage the congregation in non-musical expressions of worship.
● Lead midweek band practice.
● Complete setup and teardown on Sunday mornings and for other events/rentals.
● Gather and develop volunteers for participation in gathered worship and other artistic and pastoral responsibilities (music teams, creative team, tech team, etc.)
● Oversee and develop technology by recruiting and training volunteers and suggesting additions and improvements
● Create a ‘songbook’ for Fraserview of theologically rich music which aids the congregation in entering into the full range of the Christian experience.
● Manage livestream and provide sermons for upload to website.
● Create and manage an annual budget in cooperation with the Finance Chair.
● Attend weekly staff meetings.
● Create slides for gathered worship times.
● Provide confidential pastoral care when required, in cooperation with the Lead Pastor.
● Engage and support the broader life of Fraserview (these include FraserviewKids Camp, Fraserview Camp, FraserviewKids Christmas Musical, pot-lucks, among others).

The worship arts pastor position is a 2-day per week/half-time position. It may be extended to include other elements of Fraserview’s life depending on the gifts and interests of the individual. Fraserview currently has other positions available on its job posting webpage. They may be combined together to provide a full-time position.

To apply for this position, please submit a resume, including 3 brief paragraphs explaining your theology of worship, the place of art and creativity in the life of the church, and your theology of pastoring, to


    Job Summary

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    4 weeks


    May 31, 2023