Worship Director



The Worship Director (WD) at Central Community Church assists the Worship Pastor and Technical Director in the everyday aspects of planning services and running the worship ministry, and regularly leads worship at any of Central’s campuses as required. The WD serves on the larger staff team and is expected to contribute to the overall ministry of the church. Consistent with the New Testament concept of spiritual gifts, the WD will have a passion and gifting for administration and worship, evidenced by a desire to lead people to encounter God through worship. The WD serves under the leadership of the Worship Pastor, and ultimately of the Lead Pastor through the Executive Pastor.

Central Community Church is a community church with four campuses in B.C. – Chilliwack, Promontory, Agassiz, and Lake Errock – and is a member of the Mennonite Brethren Conference of Canada. Central is a truly multi-generational church with an abundant demographic being young families. Central’s primary mission is to reach the Eastern Fraser Valley for Christ.

1. Worship Administration (50%)
• Assist the Worship Pastor & Technical Director in the everyday aspects of planning services and running the worship ministry.

2. Worship Leading (20%)
• Serve as a regular worship leader at any of Central’s campuses as required.

3. Creative & Design (20%)
• Planning special worship services and church season elements i.e. Worship/Prayer Nights, Advent, Lent, Holy Week, etc.

4. Other Duties: (10%)
• Perform other such duties as assigned by the Worship Pastor.

The qualified applicant will…
• be a committed follower of Christ and live a personal lifestyle consistent with Scripture and Central’s confession of faith;
• display gifting in keeping with this ministry role: worship leading, organizing, equipping, administration;
• be committed to and supportive of the mission, vision, values, and direction of Central Community Church, and be able to maintain confidentiality;
• possess a “we can do it” team attitude, with flexibility and adaptability in carrying out the church mission and working with other staff;
• possess the ability to lead others through personal example, positive encouragement and, where necessary, constructive challenge;
• possess the ability to lead, attract, recruit, motivate, equip and encourage volunteers;
• if married, enjoy his or her spouse’s support; and be relational.

This is a full-time position (35 hours) and is available immediately.



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5 months


Dec 31, 2019