Youth Pastor



Purpose: To provide effective, visionary leadership to the overall youth ministry at Gospel Chapel. To develop and mentor youth in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and establish a foundation of discipleship that will thrive into their adult years. To provide pastoral care to youth, and through them, to their families. Since being an example of a Christ follower is integral to this role the youth pastor must exemplify spiritual maturity and growth.

Reports to: Elders Board and Lead Pastor

Core Responsibilities and Duties:

1. 10% – Develop and implement long term vision, mission, and strategy for Gospel Chapel Youth. The strategic ministry plan must include mission, vision, values, philosophy, and strategy. This will align with the overall mission and vison of Gospel Chapel and should include goals, measurable outcomes, next steps, budget, and calendar. This will require being (and staying) informed in regards to youth ministry and biblical studies. The ongoing growth of staff at Gospel Chapel is very important. Take the initiative to stay current. Podcasts, conferences, courses, reading, will all help ensure a solid foundation.

2. 30% – Oversee the coordination and operation of youth programs (grades 8-12) This includes weekly youth events that the youth pastor sees as the best fit for achieving ministry goals and vision. This also includes providing follow-up support to post high-school aged youth. Making wise use of effective and efficient administration systems will be of benefit.

3. 20% – Helping providing leadership to one other ministry at Gospel Chapel. Because Gospel Chapel is a growing church, the need for help is at times high and staff may need to provide leadership outside of their primary focus (Youth). Currently the need for assistance and leadership is greatest in the area of Children’s Ministry, however it’s possible that at some point in time in the future that the need may be greatest in another related area. Therefore, it is expected that the Youth Pastor will have a degree of flexibility. Determination of how best, and where best to assist will be made in consultation with the pastoral team, the Elders, and will take into consideration your giftedness and areas of interest.

4. 15% – Oversee effective recruitment, training, and care of volunteer leaders. This involves:

  • Building and training an effective youth ministry leadership team that is equipped to mentor youth in their personal relationship with Jesus through relational discipleship.
  • Ensuring leaders go through Plan to Protect training annually and have up to date criminal record checks.
  • Developing / coordinating systems of rest, community building and training.
  • Ensuring that there is effective volunteer care and appreciation.

5. 7.5% – Develop and implement a local and global mission strategy for youth that reaches beyond the walls of our church with evangelistic intentionality.

6. 10% – Ensure that there is a network of support and communication with parents. Providing pastoral care to youth requires a meaningful connection with their families. This will range from weekly texts / emails / electronic updates, to quarterly parent meetings.

7. 7.5% – Assisting with Gospel Chapel Leadership

  • It is expected that the Lead and Executive Pastors will carry most of the responsibility for Sunday morning services. However, in additional to regular Sunday morning attendance, it is expected that the Youth Pastor will be available to assist 1-2 Sundays per month, and preach occasionally (ie. not more than quarterly).
  • The Youth Pastor will participate as a member of the Gospel Chapel staff team, and will assist in the development of the broader Gospel Chapel vision and strategy. This will include attending weekly staff meetings, and quarterly team leader meetings.


• An undergraduate degree or diploma in Biblical studies or youth ministry is preferred.

• Accreditation with the BCMB will be required after hiring


• Some related experience in youth-related ministry and / or youth leadership is preferred. Must have a teachable spirit and show characteristics of a healthy leader.


• Clear understanding of the needs of today’s youth.

• Clear understanding of what constitutes effective ministry to youth.

• A sound knowledge of the Bible and its application to spiritual formation.

• Knowledge of the key steps in a planning methodology.

Spiritual Gifts, Skills and Abilities

• Affirmed giftedness as leader, shepherd-teacher, and administrator.

• Demonstrated ability to build strong teams and motivate people.

• Strong interpersonal skills with good blend between task and people orientation.

• Strong visioning, organizational and planning skills.

• Attention to detail and follow-up in ensuring effective ministry operations and coordination.

• Proven ability to develop and direct creative, age specific programs.

Personal Attributes

• Relatable to students and can gain their trust

• Is self-motivated, goal-oriented, and committed the vision and values of Gospel Chapel

• Passion for building authentic disciples of Jesus.

• Motivated and organized with a commitment to excellence.

• Ability to solve problems and identify opportunities.

• Great time management skills.

• A demonstrated ability to build strong relationships.

• Is a team player, supports a win/win philosophy, encourages other people’s ideas without worrying about who gets the credit.

• Is enthused about the development of others.

• Personal character is above reproach.

• Consistently exhibits a positive attitude.

• Committed to personally and professionally reaching lost people for Christ.

• Loves God and neighbors wholeheartedly.

• Has a current clean Criminal Record Check.

Personal Disciplines

• A pastor’s personal life greatly impacts their professional performance. To be a spiritual leader of integrity, the youth pastor shall actively pursue…

  • The health of their marriage and family (where applicable) and other personal relationships.
  • Their personal relationship with God including ongoing spiritual formation and growth.
  • Personal purity in thought, word, and deed.
  • Proper management of personal finances.
  • Physical health and fitness.
  • Learning and personal development.
  • Willing to be accountable.
  • A healthy church life.


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