Goods and Services Tax Credit (GSTC) – Updated March 25, 2020




  • Any individual eligible for the quarterly GSTC based on their 2018 personal income tax filings will be eligible for an additional payment in May 2020.
  • Some others may be entitled to a one-time payment, even if their income is too high to receive quarterly payments.


  • The one-time payment will depend on family composition;
  • The benefit is income-tested, and is reduced when “adjusted income” exceeds $37,789;
  • Some individuals or families whose “adjusted income” was too high to qualify for any quarterly GSTC payments will be eligible for the GSTC.

Application process

  • This benefit is managed under the income tax system;
  • No special application is required as the payment will be calculated by CRA based on income tax returns filed for 2018.

Other Notes

  • Payment is to be made in May, 2020, or earlier, so it is possible that these payments will be released in April, 2020;
  • Families not presently receiving the GSTC may wish to confirm that CRA has a record of all minor children in their custody to ensure the calculations reflect these individuals;
  • Taxpayers registered with CRA’s MyAccount service can view the children CRA shows under their custody online through that service.
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