CCLI Licensing for Online Worship Music Content


CCLI Licensing for Online Worship Music Content

As we work to function in our new reality with respect to social limitations within our churches, we have been so encouraged to see how many of you have embraced change and have done your best to engage your church families through online, virtual means. Though this pandemic has stretched us and presented multiple challenges, our BCMB churches and leaders have responded in fantastic ways and risen to the challenge.

We have noticed that many churches have opted to stream their content, or record it and then make it available to their congregations online in some way. We love this, however we offer a word of caution and urgent action for some of you. It has come to our attention that churches opting to include worship music as part of their online content, need to have an additional CCLI license in order to do so legally.  The CCLI Live Streaming Licence enhancement allows your church to include worship music that was recorded with your worship team using their instruments.  Any worship music or segments for your service that have been copied from another source such as YouTube needs to have permission to be posted to your website from the source (ie YouTube).

We have arranged a group rate which is still available for churches who sign up with us now,  through CCLI which provides a 20% discount off of the regular costs of this license. The cost breakdown is as follows:

License Level Description – based on average church attendance Regular Price Discounted Group Rate
A 25-99 people attending $66.00 $52.80
B 100-199 people attending $69.00 $55.20
C 200-499 people attending $93.00 $74.40
D 500-999 people attending $122.00 $97.60
E 1000-1499 people attending $176.00 $140.80
F 1500-2999 people attending $236.00 $188.80
G 3000-4999 people attending $293.00 $234.40

Costs are for one full year (ie. March 2020-March 2021) and may reduce rates for those churches who have already paid the Regular Rate.

If you would like to provide (or continue to provide) a musical worship portion in your online services, and you would like to take advantage of the Discounted Group Rate,  please email to find out exact costs for your church and to add your church to the group rate.

Please be diligent in this as we seek to be compliant with the law in all that we do.

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