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We are sure that many of you are having to make some difficult decisions with regards to finances moving forward. One big reason is that churches rely on giving in order to operate. With people losing their jobs, investments plummeting, and financial uncertainty causing people to scale back spending, churches are seeing a decline in giving. We want to support you to help provide opportunities for congregations to continue to give as much as is possible, given our new reality.

We have compiled a list of some platforms* and services* that you can explore to, hopefully, find a good fit for your church:

    Tech Soup has some great resources available to walk you through accepting online donations in Canada. While you’re at it, you may want to sign your church up with Tech Soup because they have some great deals for non-profits to obtain special pricing on various software and technical needs.
    This service allows people to give to your church by texting or online. There is a demo video on the site, and they offer two different types of plans that vary in price depending on the average amount of giving your church receives (or expects to receive). You would still need to pay for a merchant account or payment gateway (such as Stripe), but this service works well with many different account providers.
    Subsplash Giving Provides App/Text/Online giving options for churches with a percentage-based fee rather than a monthly charge.
    They have a wealth of different products to offer (giving/app/event planning/CHMS), including clearly priced giving options.
    This giving platform offers app/text/online giving options like the rest. It has pricing based on size of church, and even offers a special rate to church plants. There are many integrations that it includes in order to work with what you already have.


*Please note: BCMB does not endorse any of the companies or organizations listed here, nor do we make any guarantees about their services. If you would like to know about our experiences with any of these suggestions (if any), please call or email and we would be happy to share with you.

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