#1 – The Bear in Your Head: Dealing with Conflict ft. Dr. John Radford


Your pulse is racing. Your voice is shaky, and you find yourself scrambling to respond.

You’re in conflict.

Every pastor and ministry leader deals with it — whether your natural response is to fight, freeze, or flee.

How can you grow in a Christlike response and maintain your composure? How do you approach difficult conversations in truth and love? And, what can we learn from Jesus’ words and actions when he was met with conflict?

In this very first episode of the BCMB Pastor to Pastor Podcast, Conference Minister, Rob Thiessen, has a conversation Dr. John Radford, a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology, conflict consultant and coach, and co-owner of Vancouver-based Transpectives Consulting.

For over three decades, Dr. Radford has worked internationally in mediation, conflict resolution, and reconciliation, and today, he has some very practical advice for us to help manage and leverage conflict for growth in our ministry.

Whether there’s a bear in the room, or just a bear in your head, you can manage your response to conflict in healthy ways and find common ground with others through curiosity.

BCMB Pastor to Pastor Podcast
BCMB Pastor to Pastor Podcast
#1 - The Bear in Your Head: Dealing with Conflict ft. Dr. John Radford

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