Rental Policy

To assist you with understanding both your restrictions and your rights to rent your facilities, a sample guideline policy has been prepared. This policy, reviewed by a lawyer, is brought to you confident that we have done due diligence in this area of church management.

Writing a rental policy for your church will go a long way to help you think through the issues and risks involved in opening your church for the benefit of the public and to furthur your charitable purposes.

Topics include: Purpose, Prioritizing Facilities Use, General Policies, Facility & Equipment use, Disclaimers, Fee Structure, and a sample rental agreement.

Documents are released in Word format so that you may customize them for your church. If you don’t have Microsoft Word installed on your computer, either contact our office about volume licensing options for Microsoft products, or download the free alternative,

Guidelines for Writing a Rental Policy

7 page Word document:
Download (66KB)

Privacy Policy

It is important that each MB Church have a privacy policy in place, and adhere to that policy. Understanding the principles and requirements of the Privacy Policy Law will give churches the opportunity to establish lawful guidelines, protect its members and adherents and maintain the good reputation of its church in the community. Below are the documents we have available to assist you in creating a privacy policy.

PDF icon (small)Documents are in PDF format but you can copy text into your own document. If you don’t already have a PDF viewer installed on your computer, you can download the free Adobe Reader.

Documents available:

Trustworthy Principle Brochure

Steps necessary to protect personal information
Download (61KB)

Sample of a Short Privacy Policy

1 page template
Download (26KB)

Sample of a Detailed Privacy Policy

5 page template
Download (41KB)

Complaint Form

1 page template
Download (15KB)

Correction Request Form

1 page template
Download (15KB)

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