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Registered Charity Information Return

Under the Income Tax Act, every registered charity must file an information return each year. The return must be filed no later than six months after the end of the registered charity’s fiscal period. You should receive a package from CRA shortly after your year end containing the return and basic information sheet.
While this return can be quite confusing, we have created a document that will give our churches tips on completeing the return question by question. As well, please refer to the guide CRA offers for completing the return for more details on some questions.

Canada Customs Agency/Charities webpage

Helpful Documents / Links:

Search for charity numbers for your qualified donees worksheet [will take you to CRA website]

T2050 information

Application to Register a Charity under the Income Tax Act

This application, once approved by the Canada Revenue Agency, will give your church a 9 digit charity number. With this charity number your church will:

  • use the number to issue official tax receipts at the end of the year
  • file a T3010 within 6 months after your church’s year end
  • be exempt from paying income tax
  • be able to collect 1/2 GST back on purchases made for the church
  • be able to collect a refund on the kms driven and gasoline purchased for the church use

Link to CRA Forms and Publications for Charities

Canada Customs Agency/Charities webpage

This application package is customized for each church who is applying. We also have available a step by step document on completing this form. Please contact the office for the forms, or any other questions about your charity status.

T2050 Guide for completing

guidelines for MB churches in completing the T2050 charity application
Download (60KB)

Receipting Samples and Guidelines

Below are resourses for administrators, treasurers, bookkeepers, finance boards, and others in our member churches. We trust that this work and information provided to you will assist you in the management of your church. We are here to help you.
Please bookmark this page or add it to your “favourites” so that you can check back later for new documents and more resources which will be added periodically!

Helpful Documents / Links:

Salary & Benefit Information – please email or call Betty-Ann to request a copy via email

CRA samples of Official Donation Receipts (with new requirements)

CRA listing of Filliable Forms (using PDF)

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