Podcast Guest - December 11, 2019

#12 – Curious Conversations in a Safe Place: LGBTQ+ and the Church

BCMB Pastor to Pastor Podcast

This is a real hot-button issue in our culture today, and yet we are called to live in this world but not to be conformed to it. With the multitude of messages being blasted at us through media, music, school, and so many places…how do we navigate these topics in our churches and in our families? Is there a way to have helpful, meaningful conversations around sexuality and gender identity, while holding to our beliefs as MB pastors or as Christian parents? Join Rob Thiessen as he tackles this topic with two individuals who work in this area. They have some great ideas about ways that we can engage with the LGBT+ community through respectful dialogue, and ways for churches to begin incorporating this into their ministries, as well as a wealth of resources to recommend. Topics Covered include: What is this ministry? When kids begin to question sexuality and gender identity What pastors and parents can do to change their approach How to have a curious conversation How to foster a safe place Mistakes we can make in actions or words

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As a pastor or ministry leader, you have a high calling. And yet, the expectations of your role and the unique challenges you face in ministry can wear you down and wipe you out. How can you lead effectively and courageously to carry out what God has called you to do? Let’s chat, pastor to pastor. Join Conference Minister, Rob Thiessen, as he explores the unique challenges of ministry with local pastors, scholars, experts, and other special guests from within the Mennonite Brethren community. Brought to you by the British Columbia Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches (BCMB), the Pastor to Pastor Podcast will explore how to maintain healthy boundaries, how to dig into conflict and uncomfortable moments in ministry, and grapple with other issues in our world today. The local church has been entrusted with the good news of Jesus Christ, so let’s encourage and equip one another to be faithful and effective in our leadership.

JC Website     Living Out – British group of same-sex attracted pastors / resources     The Center for Faith, Sexuality and Gender – Preston Sprinkle     Understanding Sexual Identity: A Resource for Youth Ministry – Mark Yarhouse     Space at the Table: Conversations Between an Evangelical Theologian and His Gay Son – Brad and Drew Harper     Messy Journey: How Grace & Truth Offer the Prodigal a Way Home – Lori Wildenberg

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