Ken Dyck - September 7, 2019

#7 - Processing, Healing, and Authentic Living: Discipleship Ministries with Freedom Session ft. Ken Dyck

BCMB Pastor to Pastor Podcast

Ken Dyck, creator of Freedom Session, says “it’s really a heart journey, discipleship, unpeeling, peeling back all the layers, getting to the heart – the root issues …it takes the biblical truths that we teach on Sunday, which are all solid, and helps walk through and apply them to the core areas of our heart.” How many of us have taken the time to take a look in the mirror and do a self-inventory? To take stock of the major emotional times in our lives when we’ve been hurt, angered, or when we’ve done something that we are ashamed of? There’s a good chance we’ve all got moments in our past that we are not proud of, and times when we wish we could get a do-over. So many of us spend time at the gym or out in nature taking care of our physical bodies, but how many of us take time to care for our hearts? To heal and to grow spiritually alongside all the rest of the things we do each day? How do we, as pastors, help our discipleship ministries to grow and to target the core of our church? What does an emotionally healthy and spiritually mature person look like? On today’s episode, we are sitting down with The Village Church’s, Ken Dyck, who designed Freedom Session as a tool to equip churches. We will explore different ways that pastors can incorporate programs like Freedom Session into their discipleship ministries, why this type of ministry is important, and ways to avoid pitfalls that would undermine its effectiveness.

From Podcast: "BCMB Pastor to Pastor Podcast"

As a pastor or ministry leader, you have a high calling. And yet, the expectations of your role and the unique challenges you face in ministry can wear you down and wipe you out. How can you lead effectively and courageously to carry out what God has called you to do? Let’s chat, pastor to pastor. Join Conference Minister, Rob Thiessen, as he explores the unique challenges of ministry with local pastors, scholars, experts, and other special guests from within the Mennonite Brethren community. Brought to you by the British Columbia Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches (BCMB), the Pastor to Pastor Podcast will explore how to maintain healthy boundaries, how to dig into conflict and uncomfortable moments in ministry, and grapple with other issues in our world today. The local church has been entrusted with the good news of Jesus Christ, so let’s encourage and equip one another to be faithful and effective in our leadership.

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