Meet the dedicated individuals guiding our community’s journey, committed to fostering growth, unity, and faith

Reg Toews
Executive Director
We are Hiring
Director of Pastoral Ministries
Rob Thiessen
Conference Minister
Wanda Froese
Director of Operations
Connie Dyck
Executive Assistant/Church Resource Assistant
Roxy Neufeld
Office Administrator
David Leung
Assistant to Conference Minister for Chinese Churches

BCMB Executive Committee

Sandi Reutlinger
Interm Moderator
Lorne Welwood
Jonathan Giesbrecht
Stewardship Advisory Committee Chair

The BCMB Executive Board is the governing board of the Conference. It consists of the Executive Committee members and the various committee Chairs that make up the ministries of the Conference. They provide governance oversight to all ministries of all boards and committees. The Executive Board seeks to promote the spiritual welfare of the Conference and member churches. They approve all budget proposals and process all resolutions submitted for presentation to the Conference.

To contact the Executive Board, write the Moderator, Sandi Reutlinger.