#8 – Historical Mennonite Heritage Runs Deep: Faith Lessons ft. Paul & Louise Thiessen (Parents of Conf. Minister, Rob Thiessen)


And I thought, if I would have had a vision, it would have been much, much too small. God had a much better vision for me than I could have imagined since my background was so troublesome that I could not envision big things. ~ Paul Thiessen

We talk about being Mennonite Brethren as a denomination and church family, but there are still a number of us around who identify also with the personal heritage that comes from being part of a family that immigrated here as Mennonites from other countries. Sometimes it is easier to understand a denomination once you understand something about its roots.

When was the last time you sat down with an individual from an older generation who remembers what it was like to immigrate here to Canada as a Mennonite? Maybe you’re an immigrant yourself, and can identify with some of the experiences that early Mennonite families had here.

Join Rob and his parents as they discuss how God shows up amidst war, persecution, and trials of life. Follow their journey as they reached into their new community through Willingdon Church.

BCMB Pastor to Pastor Podcast
BCMB Pastor to Pastor Podcast
#8 - Historical Mennonite Heritage Runs Deep: Faith Lessons ft. Paul & Louise Thiessen (Parents of Conf. Minister, Rob Thiessen)
  • Betty Loeppky

    Thank you so much Paul & Louise Thiessen for sharing a little bit of your story of how God met you (individually and in your marriage), in the some of the most darkest times of your life journey. As I have sat at your feet listening to this podcast I am deeply moved in my spirit. I praise God for your humble obedience in so many different ways when you listened to the voice of God. I wish I could hear more from you and others like you. It would be such an encouragement to peoples’ faith. God will continue to use your story as long as you continue to share it. I pray our Lord Jesus will continue to bless you and your household and all your family, drawing each one closer to Jesus day by day. I pray that God will empower you both; mind, body and soul; and give you strength as you continue to minister to those he brings across your path. May God bless you and make you a blessing, In Jesus Name, Amen.

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