Turning Cope into Hope

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Turning Cope into Hope

We are now seven weeks into this pandemic and the feelings of disorientation are growing. Covid cases appear to have “peaked” in some areas and there is talk about “reopening” our economy but at the same time here in BC we are hearing that the current isolation protocols will continue into the fall. The uncertainty is in itself deeply unsettling to us.

Then on Sunday evening Canadians were shocked to hear of the worst ever mass shooting in our nations’ history. Twenty three or more murdered in an incomprehensible rampage of evil in rural Nova Scotia.  While on the one hand Canadians are working together to “flatten the curve” of Covid 19. A fellow citizen, one of us, sets out to kill and destroy for no apparent reason. How are we to understand this and how do we help one another and our communities? Here are a few considerations,

  1. Encourage and lead our families and churches in prayer for the victims, their families and the people of Nova Scotia. We weep with those who weep.
  2. Look for opportunities to express public and tangible support for victims. Let’s stay alert to trustworthy platforms by which we might offer assistance. We care for our neighbours
  3. Address the unspoken questions raised by this tragedy. Where is God in this? Was this just a bad person? Is there any security and hope for my future?

I am not suggesting that any of us can adequately answer the profound questions of suffering and evil that we witnessed this week, but our suffering Savior has provided His answer at Calvary and at the empty tomb. This is his all sufficient and hope filled answer to our questions.

During these days people are coping with confusion, discouragement, and tremendous grief, let’s consult with Jesus daily as to how we can be with people.  Let’s share their burdens and assist them in practical ways. In various ways we can, by our lives and presence, lead them to Jesus who redeems our mess and turns “cope” into hope.

In Christ,

Rob Thiessen
BC Conference Minister

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