Developing Leaders

The Developing Leaders ministry is responsible for resourcing our churches in identifying, developing and supporting leaders in order to ensure the continuation of mission.

Every MB church and partner organization is multiplying and developing leaders at all levels for kingdom ministry.

  • Identifying, developing and equipping leaders
  • Developing and equipping church leadership
  • Being a premier resource locator and provider
  • Collaborating with ministry partners


We are excited to be launching a collaborative apprenticeship program with strategic partnerships including large and small congregations in each of the five regions and the MBCCA. Stay tuned for more information about this program in the upcoming weeks and months.

Camp Ministry

BCMB partners with the BCMB Bible Camp Society to develop leaders in the camp ministry setting. We invest in leadership training for camp staff and volunteers. For some of these individuals, camp ministry is a stepping stone to various other leadership roles they may embrace in the future, and we are passionate about being a part of the development of skills and experience for some of our future leaders.

Learn More About Camp Ministry

Church Leadership Training

From time to time, BCMB resources churches by providing leadership training either directly or through partner organizations such as L2L and CCMBC.

Coaching & Mentoring Relationships

Our Conference Minister and Associate Conference Minister work both directly, and sometimes in partnership with other ministries, to foster coaching and or mentoring relationships with Lead Pastors within our conference. These relationships vary in degree depending on the individuals involved, but play a direct role in helping to develop our leaders.

Columbia Bible College

CBC plays a prominent role in the nurturing and development of leaders, and disciples.  As the Bible College of BCMB, it serves our churches by bolstering a biblical foundation to its students, nurturing them in leadership, and preparation for a life of ministry and discipleship.

Learn More About Columbia Bible College


The Pastoral Ministries Committee is responsible for the licensing, credentialing and/or ordination of all BCMB Mennonite Brethren pastors. All applications are subject to their examination and approval.  Committee members meet once every few months for a full day of interviews.

Learn more about credentialing and ordination


Every year, preceding our annual Convention, BCMB offers our pastors the option to attend a Pastor’s Study Day. This afternoon event features one or more keynote speakers who build into our pastors through a variety of topics relevant to ministry and thematically related to the focus of our Convention for the year.

Shepherding Plan

The Conference Minister and the Associate Conference Minister have launched a Shepherding Plan which allows them to create intentional, direct contact with each of our lead pastors over the course of the year. This plan helps both the pastors and the conference to be in communication and to create more personal relationships. Development and shepherding opportunities often arise as a result of these interactions.

Student Bursaries

The BCMB Conference sees the value in investing in our future leaders, and as such, we provide bursaries to eligible students through both CBC and through the BCMB Bible Camps Society.

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